Two Mums Making Their Dream Reality.

We are two mums with young families who have been friends for over 20 years. In our stressful, corporate lives we were looking for something to channel our creativity into and found sewing.

We are passionate about comfortable, baby and mum friendly children's wear. Most of our items are baby-wearing and cloth-bum friendly, we endeavor to use GOTs (organic) & Oeko-Tex certified fabrics which are kind on the skin.


By purchasing our products, you support our small business, our families and our dream to create bespoke and unique children's wear which keeps the little ones comfortable on their journey when exploring the world.

About Us

Partners in Crime



  • The Romper Maker and Fabric Addict.

  • Social Media guru, Advertiser and Admin.

  • Experimenter on new styles, patterns and ranges.

  • The one who wants to do everything and all at the same time and instantly.

  • Mummy of a mini giant boy and a dinky-winky girl.



  • The one with the patience and precision for the smaller and finer things in life such as our preemie clothes and Newborn sets.

  • Our in house designer.

  • The voice of sense and calm, aka The Mother Hen.

  • Mummy of a little gentleman and an amazon in training.

Memberships, Awards & Charities

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