Why Reusable Nappies?

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As a Mum-to-be you may be facing lots of major decisions to make…about the birth - medicated or natural – birth centre or hospital - or feeding your baby - breast or bottle…and of course what kind of nappy to use. Whatever decision you make it will be the right for you and your baby and this is the most important thing.

Cloth nappies are becoming an increasingly popular choice for parents. We’ve compiled a list of facts to save you some hassle if you were thinking of giving it a go.

· Modern cloth nappies contain no harmful chemicals. They’re great on sensitive bottoms, do not irritate the skin and don’t cause nappy rash. You can buy organic cloth nappies that are made of cotton or bamboo.

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· Cloth nappies have much less of an impact on the environment than disposables. Around 8 million disposable nappies are used every day in the UK! These end up in landfill sites and take approximately 250-500 years to decompose.

· While the initial purchase of your supply of cloth nappies may cost more, in the long-term it’s cheaper than using disposables. Also for every £1 spent on disposable nappies, there is a cost to the taxpayer of 10 p to dispose of them!

· It may seem a tiring task but washing cloth nappies is not at all complicated!

You just need a good laundry routine that works for your family. As reusables come in a range of materials with different washing instructions. Here you can find some guide how to wash them:

· Cloth nappies are made up of several layers. The outer wrap is the waterproof layer, whilst the insert provides the absorbent layer. You can add extra inserts or boosters for night time use. You can also buy ready-made, all in one nappies and one sized, birth to potty training ones.

Here is a little guide to the different types of cloth nappies:

· As every baby is different, it is trial & error to find the right combination of boosters and cloth nappies but there are great Facebook groups out there who can help you with that.

· Cloth nappies are available in the most adorable, fun & quirky prints and patterns from plenty of online shops - even second hand ones.

· Cloth nappies can be bulky and not all trousers types might fit a bulky cloth bum…at Squidge & Smudge Handmade we not only make organic & Oeko- Tex® clothes but our items are also cloth-bum friendly.

If you were not still sure what to use once your precious baby arrive, most of the councils have Reusable Nappy Schemes with either Cash Back option or Cloth Nappy Starter kits for free or find your local nappy library to try out different types and makes before deciding.

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