Why to wear your Baby?

Baby-wearing is when you carry your baby on your body in a sling or baby carrier while you are out and about, or juggling household chores at home.

Recent research shows that baby wearing helps your little one to feel secure and content, and in fact to become a less clingy, confident toddler.

For your tiny newborn, there is nothing better than the familiar smell of Mum or Dad and falling asleep to the calming sound of your heartbeat. Baby-wearing also eases the symptoms of colic and reflux and relaxes your fussy baby.

Furthermore, keeping your little one close will give you a peace of mind – the physical contact stimulates the release of oxytocin, and reduces depression. It is great help to survive the 4th trimester with relative sound mind as well as to get around easily and with free hands to use.

Baby in soft baby sling

There are endless options of carriers, wraps and slings to choose from, but make sure you do your research before making your decision. A good carrier has to offer proper, hip-friendly positioning for the baby (‘froggy’ position with no dangling legs) and proper support and comfort for you. Also make sure to always follow instructions. For baby-wearing safety always think ‘Visible & Kissable’ .

TICKS - Safe Baby Wearing

If you were not sure which carrier/sling to choose the best to find the nearest sling library:

Little one is in his Squidge & Smudge Emerald Yetis Leggings

At Squidge & Smudge Handmade we have been both baby-wearing and now we make baby wearing friendly outfits using Organic and Oeko-Tex® fabrics, making sure your little one is snug as a bug.

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