• Love planet Earth better - one step at a time... Reusable cotton pads are far better not only for your skin (no chemicals, no irritation) but also for the environment when compared to disposable cotton pads. Made of natural soft bamboo fiber, these little cuties are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive eye area.

    You pop them in the washing machine and use them again and again, instead of sending a pack of used cotton pads a week to landfill.

    The pads come in their little 100 % cotton string bag, no plastic packaging. Handmade in the UK with love by two Mums.


    12 pieces of super soft organic bamboo and cotton jersey cosmetic pads +1 storage bag

    Reusable Make Up Remover Pads - MIXED Design

    • To ensure you don't loose any in the wash, we recommend using a mesh bag or placing them in a pillow cover for washing. Like with all handmade products we recommend washing them on 30 C. They dry super quickly on top of the radiator/drying rack or with a few seconds ironing on medium heat.

    • Keep the pads stored in your bag, ready to use.

      Remove makeup with your choice of makeup remover product (ever thought of giving coconut oil a go?) or use the pads with toner. The pad gently lifts away dirt, oil and makeup, leaving skin clear and soft. Put used pads aside until next washing.